Dan Kantor

Pilotship Founder and CEO 2017 - Current
Pilotship creates automated daily emails that contain everything anyone needs to know about their company.
Clarifai Vice President of Product 2015 - 2017
Clarifai is a startup specializing in artificial intelligence in the form of deep learning neural networks. My role as VP of Product is to make the technology accessible to consumers and enterprise.
Rhapsody Vice President of Product 2014 - 2015
Rhapsody is the original pioneer of on-demand music, having created the space over 10 years ago. As VP of Product, my role was to set the product direction for Rhapsody and Napster's music service, which includes iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Web apps.
Exfm Founder & CEO 2010 - 2014
Exfm is a social music service that makes it incredibly easy to discover new music while browsing the web, organize that music and share it with all your friends. Exfm was founded in March, 2010 in New York City. It received funding from Spark Capital, Betaworks, Founder Collective and Dave Morgan and was acquired by Rhapsody in July 2014.
NYU Adjunct Professor 2011 - 2012
I taught a graduate level class on HTML5 at NYU ITP. The class covered everything from HTML to Javascript, as well CSS3, Canvas and SVG.
Aol Director of Product Management 2007 - 2009
As product director of AOL Music, I lead the product teams for AOL Music's web properties, which included music.aol.com, Shoutcast, Spinner, Tourtracker and Streampad (among others). As of 2009, Comscore reports AOL Music as the leading music property on the web with 30 million unique visitors a month.
Streampad Founder & CEO 2006 - 2007
Streampad was born out of a desire of mine to access my music from everywhere. Along the years, it has morphed into a true web-scale music application. It combines the ability to listen to music across the web while providing social features to see what others are listening to. Today, it powers thousands of other sites as well as AOL Music. Streampad was acquired by AOL in July of 2008.
Yahoo Software Developer 2006
I spent five months at Yahoo working out of the New York office. The del.icio.us team grew each month and I had a chance to work with some very smart developers. I concentrated on getting the 'save on del.icio.us' link on other sites. At the time, this was not as common as it is now. I was able to get the link on many high profile sites and still to this day, smile when I see it everywhere.
Delicious Software Developer 2005
What can I say about del.icio.us? I worked at the hottest startup on an awesome product with amazing people. My only regret is that it didn't last longer. My two biggest achievements at del were the Firefox extension and Playtagger. I acted as the product manager for the extension which is pretty ubiquitous among Firefox installs. Playtagger was the little music player that made all mp3 bookmarks playable right on the page. Del.icio.us was acquired by Yahoo in December 2005.
Microsoft Intern 2005
While my time at Microsoft was short (just three months), it was an incredible experience. I was hired into the social computing lab in the research department. A month before I got there, the entire team was transferred to the Windows department to work on the UX of Vista. It was a crazy time at Microsoft. Vista had just been reset with many of the promised features removed. It was very interesting to see this historic story unfold from the inside. I enjoyed my summer in Seattle immensely, with the highlight being a party at Bill Gate's house. I stood an arm's length away from Bill as we drank wine and chatted about the industry. Amazingly cool!
New York University ITP Master's Program, NYU 2003 - 2005
ITP is an incredibly unique program. It is a convergence of art and technology, housed in a loft in Greenwich village. It is there that I learned how to code. I also studied design, social software and physical computing. In addition, I met my wife there! I can truly say that ITP changed my life.
Urban Hotspots Sales, Marketing & Installation 2002
Urban Hotspots was a very early player in the public wifi space. I wore many hats in the company of three - sales, marketing, installations and technical support. My wifi claim to fame is that I sold (and installed) the first public hotspots in New York's Penn Station and Grand Central Station. Urban Hotspots was eventually sold after I left to a larger player in the space.
University of Michigan B.A. Psychology 1997 - 2001
My time in Ann Arbor was some of the best years of my life. I chose Michigan because of it's academics, sports, social life and town. I studied social psychology and cognition which I believe has helped me tremendously in my understanding of how people use and communicate on the web. I loved everything about Ann Arbor and got to see us win a national title in football. Go Blue!